Our Story

Sayscape is a social media application created by a small group of Air Force veterans. We witnessed an overwhelming number of cases where users of other platforms were stripped of their freedom of speech and expression.  As service members, we took a vow to protect the people and their rights. We created an app that is genuinely non-biased; we want all users to have the same opportunity and ability to share as equals. We promise to protect all of our users from any threats of violence, terrorist propagation, or incitement of suicide. We may not condone or agree with what is said, but you have the right to be heard fairly and equally.

SayScape does not use prioritization algorithms to boost "celebrity" accounts. We do not collect or sell personal information to anyone. It's time to bring social media back to the user. Social media should be a fun experience to share and communicate with others. We aim to make that happen for everyone!