It has been a long, exciting road for SayScape and those of us behind the scenes making things happen. The platform grew from a long shot idea to a full social media alternative on both app stores and the web within a 10-month time frame. This would never have happened without the hard work by the people creating as well as the supporters who believed in us, the vision and mission of SayScape.


For these reasons, it is extremely difficult for us to break the news, SayScape will be shutting down as of April 11th, 2021. For over two years we have done incredible things to support the veteran and first responder communities. There was great hope to have a significant impact on the suicide rates by cutting down on isolation and creating comradery through SayScape. The unfortunate reality is, the platform never caught on. The current culture of media driven attention, influencer promotion, and political turmoil has shown us the world is not ready for a truly independent platform, leaving little room for SayScape to reach potential in a flooded market.


We have always stuck to our promise to keep the user first while maintaining integrity and transparency. Never to sell personal data, maintain privacy, and provide freedom of expression to all. Political agendas were never a factor. Those of us here at Colossal/SayScape do not believe in pandering, providing benefits to a select group or aligning politically with any party. This has likely led to our current position as we struggle to cover cost.


Currently, approximately 1% of the SayScape users subscribe to the Plus account. This amounts to about 20% of our monthly cost to keep operational. Since we do not sell data or have ads, this is our main source of revenue. None of the founders or anyone here at SayScape have ever been paid, we continue to pour thousands of our own dollars to keep things running. This is not sustainable, and we have reached the point where we need to face the hard reality.


We cannot thank all of you enough who have supported SayScape. Many of you have been like family. This has been by far, the most difficult decision we have had to make. We hope you all understand and continue to support one another.


We wish you all the best,

Chris, Justin, Joe, and Alexia

Colossal Inc

SayScape social media