It's a good thing to have options out there that do not censor users and offer freedom of expression to all. So why should you Part With Parler? They are NOT what they appear to be.

Parler was designed as a soapbox for the media and influencers. You are meant to consume information, not to be a part of the conversation.

They heavily suppress regular users voices. Lets take a look....

When Parler first started up, they were known as Parler News.

In their own words, "Parler Social News is a place for publishers to expand audience size"

What does this mean?

As shown below, Parler was created for publishers, bloggers and other influencers to increase interaction and grow audience (you). It was NOT designed as a peer-to-peer interaction based platform. In other words, you are a product, a number, simply a customer for the more "important" accounts.


How Did Parler Get So Popular

After falling somewhat flat with the Parler News branding and marketing, they seen an opportunity to pander to the Conservative markets. There was a lot of talk and emotions involving the ramping up of censorship on Big Tech platforms.

This was seen purely as a re-marketing opportunity for Parler to tap into the emotional state of social media users and capitalize on it by driving users to a platform designed to promote the media and other prominent accounts. This was NOT about free speech!

What steps did they take?

  • Partnered with former Cambridge Analytica funder Rebekah Mercer

  • They worked closely with conservative marketing company XStrategies

  • The CEO went to CPAC to market to politician and figure heads

  • It appears they paid conservative influencers to promote

  • Sponsored Dan Bongino's podcast until he decided to invest

  • Made connections with conservative politicians with promises to promote them heavily

This was a clear move to heavily market and pander to conservatives while pretending to be "unbiased". Parler later found themselves in an echo chamber situation and tried to buy progressive influencers through a "competition" where the winner gets $20,000

Make no mistake, there is a lot of money behind Parler attempting to make you a product!

The number one complaint seems to be surrounding Parler's UI (user interface).

This design is not a mistake or something done due to lack of budget.

Parler's largest investor and company COO is a multimillionaire. A secret partner was recently discovered, multibillionaire Rebekah Mercer. They also have other investors such as Dan Bongino.

People do not invest large sums of money unless they know they can capitalize from the user market...YOU. The interface is designed to best drive their ad revenue and promote those "gold badge" users to do so.

Don't expect Parler's UI to change anytime soon. It's not the best design for you but frankly they don't care!


Data Harvesting

It was recently revealed that there was another partner involved in Parler. For some reason this partner was kept a secret until it was recently uncovered.

What is alarming about this "secret partner"? What is the big deal?

Well Rebekah Mercer was a lead financier of Cambridge Analytica. If you not not familiar with that company, they were involved in the largest data harvesting scandal involving Facebook.

Many people have already reported receiving massive amounts of spam emails and lots of political phone calls since signing up for Parler. Coincidence?

Why did John Matze keep it a secret for so long the Rebekah Mercer was a direct partner, not just an investor, but a partner.

Is it because he knows her history and involvement in Cambridge Analytica and didn't want it getting out before they could sell the platform to the masses and collect enough data?

Data harvesting is an extremely lucrative business amassing billions of dollars per year.

Is Parler selling off your data (ID images, phone numbers, emails etc)? We can't say for certain but when there is a secret partner involved who was the largest financial backer of a company that was designed to harvest/sell data, it appears extremely likely.

Billionaires don't partner on projects where they don't expect a significant return on investment. Data harvesting would grant an easy return, especially with the amount of personal data Parler collects.


Prioritization and Suppression

The "Big Tech" social media platforms use a lot of data curation and algorithms to decide what is shown in your feed and what gets suppressed.

Much of what we have come to know as censorship today is controlled by automated programming that looks at many metric/analytics and filters post based on what they feel is most relevant to each user.

A big factor in these algorithms is status. Verified, media, influencer, or political status have the most weight in prioritization (suppression) than anything else on sites like Twitter and Facebook.


You know those times you Tweet and get almost no interaction, even with hundreds or thousands of followers? This is due to prioritization algorithms. Yup Parler uses them too and even more aggressively than Twitter!


So how does Parler fit into this? Well lets take a look...

It appears that Parler uses very similar algorithms to boost some accounts over others. The Gold Badge "influencer" accounts get MUCH more time in your feed than anyone else. For this to happen, other users are suppressed by default (same exact problem on Twitter)

But they are for "free speech", Why would they do this?

It's simple really. Their business model consists of advertising through influencer and media accounts. The more they push these accounts in your feed, the more money they make.

Suppressing users accounts IS CENSORSHIP!

Your "parleys" appear to be curated so they can dedicate more feed time for the prominent accounts that they have decided are important.


Major Concerns With Parler

Aside from the Twitter like prioritization and censorship algorithms, there are a few other causes for concern regarding Parler. Lets take a look at some of the items you really should be aware of before considering signing up.

None of the items listed below are practices of SayScape social media!

You are REQUIRED to provide a phone number to create an account with Parler. This causes a couple of problems.

  1. You have no idea what they are really doing with you number. Is it being shared with 3rd parties? What if there is a security breach/data leak?

  2. If you have a problem with signing in or want to create another account, you can't without having another phone number,

You must be verified to use the private messaging (DM)

To be come verified, you need to upload pictures of your photo ID front and back or your passport as well as a selfie. The problem with doing this should be obvious.

Tracking users on the internet using pixel tagging

Pixel tagging is a way to track users movement's around the internet and track sites they are visiting. Mostly used to serve up advertising and transfer analytics for profit.

In simplest terms, Parler has stated they are using mechanisms to track your internet and browsing patterns/history!

Here is a blurb from Parler's Privacy Agreement...

Cannot delete your own account. They just Ban you!

As stated above, you are a product. You cannot simply delete your own account, Parler needs the numbers to remain steady or an upward trend for marketing and advertising purposes. By banning your account (rather than deleting it) they do not show a decline in user accounts. Once again, this benefits them, not you!

Parler makes no hesitating on bringing to light the faults of "Big Tech" like Facebook and Twitter. If companies like Parler are using similar techniques and/or business models, why shouldn't that be highlighted as well?

Many people are looking for a place free of censorship where they can simply share ideas, opinions, media, and debate with other people. There are so many new social media sites popping up, it's hard to decide which one(s) to use.

People are tired of giving up personal data/information to everyone. Tired of being sold out, tracked, and used as a product.

We want to provide more information on what Parler is really up to. As stated above, it's a business, they are certainly treating users as a product. If you are ok with that, we are sure you will be happy using it, as will they.

Don't be fooled by "influencers" who have a financial stake in company making a recommendation. They certainly are not looking out for your best interests but rather their own pockets.


Say good bye to another Big Tech wannabe. Part with Parler over to SayScape!

All information on this site was gathered from factual data using Parler's websites, Twitter, user feedback and other sources. We cannot guarantee with 100% accuracy of all opinions stated. We are using professional judgment based on facts provided. Please conduct further research on your own.