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This feed allows Veterans & current Active Duty Service Members to connect with each other. You're able to discuss PTSD, transitioning to civilian life, or simply reminisce about military life. With Stolen Valor becoming a "trending problem" throughout, a third-party verification (none of your data is stored on SayScape servers) process takes place. You will now have access to the "Veterans Only" news feed where only verified Veterans have access to and see. Use this feed for the aforementioned information, the ever growing 22 A Day, and to speak to like-minded individuals like you did when you served.



We have end-to-end encryption to keep all of your data secure and locked down at all times. Truly encrypted private messaging is incorporated for user privacy. We protect and will not sell your information to any outside agencies and/or companies.





We have implemented many tools to allow you the power to subscribe to more of what you want to see and remove the content you don't want to see!





You can use the mobile app everywhere you go! Available on Android and Apple iOS app stores.



Chronological Posts


Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms use algorithms to curate posts based on what THEY feel is most important to you. On SayScape you will see posts in the order they were created; chronological posting (No algorithms).





Some Current Features!

  1. Use the website https://sayscape.com 

  2. Edit Button

    • Up to 60 seconds after posting you will be able to make corrections to your post.

  3. Broken heart

    • For those times when hitting "like" just doesn't feel right (broken heart).

  4. Group the people you follow into custom Lists

    • You can sort the people you follow into Lists (only visible to you). These lists filter posts so you only see those made from individuals in the lists you've created. This makes it easy to follow hundreds/thousands of people but not miss a thing from those who are most important.

  5. Filter out (Blacklist)

    • Filter out content based on Hashtags or keywords. You will not see any posts containing those omissions.

  6. "Time bombed" posts

    • Set any date in the future while creating a post. When midnight on that date is reached, your post will automatically delete without the need for user input. Note: No other users can see that you have a "time bomb" post set.