Sayscape Verified

Other social media platforms use "verification" as a symbol of status. It's something they reserve for who THEY feel are the users worthy of more attention. Algorithms are used to artificially boost theses accounts on other social media platforms, not on SayScape!!


Saycape doesn't believe in verifying users based on status or importance. All users are important to us and deserve the same opportunities to be seen and heard. Being verified on SayScape simply means you are a real person, you are whom you say you are and/or not a bot.

This is for Identity Verification. To be verified as a veteran please go to Veterans


The easiest way for us to match identity with your account and eliminate the possibility of a bot account is through payment processing. The amount that will be processed is $4. If you do not wish to become verified, you can still enjoy all of the features SayScape has to offer.