Veteran Verification

By becoming a verified veteran on Sayscape you will receive a green check mark badge on your profile. This will give you exclusive access  to the private Veteran Feed. We verify veteran status only. We DO NOT guarantee anything else such as unit , MOS/AFSC, location or anything additional

After downloading and installing app, and registering for an account through the app. Fill out the form below!


*If you are Guard or Reserve email us from a .mil account to

***Please Fill out yes or no to the Veteran Check mark. This is for if you would not like to publicly show that you are a veteran or service member out side of the private feed!***

NOTICE: All verification requests will be completed within 72 hours of submission. We aim to have all submissions verified on the same day but with our platform growing and our increase in users we may need the extra time to process all requests!

Verify Military Service

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