Veteran/First Responder Verification


By becoming a verified Veteran on Sayscape, you will receive a green check mark badge on your profile. This will give you exclusive access to the private Veteran Feed. We verify veteran status only. We DO NOT guarantee anything else such as unit, MOS/AFSC, location or any other additional details.

By becoming a verified First Responder on Sayscape, you will receive a red check mark badge on your profile. This will give you exclusive access to the private First Responder Feed. We do not differentiate between Police, Fire, or Paramedics at this time (possibly in the future). All verified first responders receive the same red profile badge.

To become verified please do the following:

  • Create account/Log into the SayScape website platform at

  • Attempt to join the desired private feed (veteran and/or first responder) in left menu

  • Click on the button

  • You will be redirected to to enter your credentials or create an account with them.

  • Once you have completed steps with, you will be redirected back to SayScape.

  • If verification was successful, you will instantly have your checkmark badge on your profile and access to the private feed.

  • At this time you can return to the mobile apps or remain on the website to use SayScape.

SayScape is partnered with for verification purposes. No information is shared between us. Any personal information you provide to them, is not stored or received by SayScape ever! is a veteran owned company used by the Department of Veterans Affairs and other organizations for online verification. For more information please visit their website at